Manny E.C. Ebokosia

Manny E.C. Ebokosia


Emmanuel C Ebokosia, better known as Manny, is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the Founder of True Cadence CIC. Like many of our beneficiaries, Manny faced multiple intersecting barriers growing up in our under-resourced community. TC was inspired by his lived experience as a young creative and powered by his vision to provide young people with opportunities that he was previously locked out of.

Aside from his Master's Degree in Music Industry Management and Artist Development, Manny has over a decade of experience as an artist, songwriter and performer.

Favourite aspect of your job: 

As a creative, watching dreams unfold is always exciting. I love seeing our young people's ideas go from a "blank canvas" to becoming an actual project.

Favourite hobbies:

Reading, Making/Listening to Music, Self Development and Watching TV Series

First concert you ever went to: 

Believe it or not, I performed at the first major concert I ever attended. IndigO2, Greenwich in 2013, I was the opening act at a sold-out show, supporting one of the biggest Afrobeat artists at the time, 'Iyanya'. Watch the performance video to see young Manny Loveankh in his element 🙂.

Favourite music genre/artist:

My taste in music varies depending on my mood, so it's hard to pick one. Although I grew up on classic Country Music and Hardcore rap, I love my classic Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Slow Jamz and RnB. Right now, though, I'm listening to Joy Crookes. She gives me that India Arie vibe which is awesome because I love her as well. I've also been getting into podcasts a lot lately. My favourite podcast right now is The Diary Of A CEO by Steven Bartlett.

What is your hidden talent?:

The number of times I've bounced back, I'd say my skills, survival instincts, and strength are my hidden talents. They are hidden because my triumphs are often more visible than my trauma.


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