Last Monday True Cadence had the amazing opportunity to attend the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021. We were invited to the awards along with our Founder and CEO Emmanuel Ebokosia- who was a finalist in the “Pivot Entrepreneur of the Year” category!


As some of you may know, True Cadence started during a particularly difficult time when many organisations struggled to find their feet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Having formed as a small community group towards the end of 2019, early 2020 was a pivotal moment as we had to restructure all our activities, making sure they’re viable in the digital environment.

We put young people first, investing thousands of voluntary hours and stretching our already limited resources to support members of our community at a time they needed us the most.

We’re humbled to have been recognised as finalists so early into our journey alongside so many incredible individuals and organisations. Huge congratulations to the winners, and thank you GBEA for recognising our work on the ground.