“What Men Can Do To Help Women Feel Safer” was put together by one of our young people in the light of the recent protests and discussions around the safety of women.

Many young women encounter sexual harassment and assault on a daily basis, which often goes unnoticed and It’s important that we continue to raise a conversation around this topic. We would like to thank this strong young lady for having the courage to put together these steps following her personal experiences. 

What can men do to help women feel safer?

Go out of your way to make them feel comfortable:

  • If your sharing the sole company of a woman do your best to make her feel at ease. 
  • If you’re walking at night and there’s a woman walking alone, cross to the other side of the road so they know you’re not actively following them and overtake if possible.
  • If you’re the only people on public transport sit in a position where you in their vision so they can clearly see your movements.

Show support to those in distress:

  • If you see a woman who’s clearly being bothered by unwanted male attention, intervene. It doesn’t have to be aggressive it can be as simple as asking her if she’s okay and showing visible support 

Call out and educate your family and friends:

  • If you hear make friends or family make derogatory comments about women or making jokes about topics such as rape, sexual assault then call them out over it. It may seem confrontational but ultimately a lot of men will only learn if those closest are educating them. 
  • Within your household make more of an effort to educate males to be polite and respecting of women rather than educating women to be vigilant of men.

Listen to women:

  • Enter conversations with women about sexism, assault and violence against women with open minds 
  • Do not dismiss women when they come forward with their stories instead be supportive and consoling. It takes a lot for victims of such crimes to open up so it’s important to be sensitive to the situation.

Don’t stare at women:

  • If you’re by yourself, being stared at is intimidating and unsettling. Taking out your phone and focusing on something else can go a long way to showing you’re not a threat. Look out the window to focus on something else.