Earlier this morning, we had the pleasure of delivering a lecture at the University of East London to a group of second-year students from their Mental Wealth module. The session was led by our Founder/CEO Manny E.C. Ebokosia who shared with the students our journey so far and the inspiration behind True Cadence.

Asking students what they think a social enterprise is

Over 100 students in attendance both virtually and onsite seemed to be intrigued by the formation of True cadence and were keen to find out more about social entrepreneurship. The transparency displayed by Manny throughout the presentation seemed to have touched some of the students, which may have now encouraged them to become entrepreneurs themselves.

They asked many questions about setting up a social enterprise, any challenges that True Cadence faced throughout the journey and how it was overcome. We also used the opportunity to share some of our new programmes and professional development opportunities within the organisation.

We loved sharing our experience with others who may have wanted to run a social enterprise but were unsure if they should, as this could have given them the boost they needed.

As a fairly new organisation, we faced our fair shares of trials and tribulations. However, we tackled them to the best of our ability. The pandemic period is the prime example of how we worked around difficult times and took advantage of the situation.

We hope we can inspire many others to follow their dreams and aspirations by sharing our story and the opportunities within the organisation.

The lecture was delivered as part of an ongoing relationship with the University of East London, and our movement to bring East London based academic establishments closer to the community. We hope that young people, especially those previously excluded from opportunities, will one day re-engage with formal education through this movement.