Here at True Cadence (TC), we provide a platform for artistic expression where young people may find solitude amid chaos. Ask any young person from a working-class community, and they will tell you that they feel neglected and let down by the same society that once referred to them as the “leaders of tomorrow”.

Even worse is that no one cares to know how they feel at a given time or the issues they face daily. Every time they reach out for help, they are often reminded that there is no one on the other end of the line.

Some of the local youth centres they once attended as kids have either been closed down, rundown or replaced by services in areas that they cannot access.

They did not choose where they were born, but yet they sometimes face acts of violence stemming from “postcode wars.”

This level of trauma can often have a significant impact on their lives and end up leading them down the wrong path.

We want to provide an environment where young people will comfortable sharing their experiences and dealing with their emotions without fear of judgement or humiliation.

Through various programmes, mentoring and self-expression activities, young people can gain music industry knowledge, while using their passion for music as a way to address some of their deep-rooted issues. This way, what could potentially become a harmful and sometimes deadly situation following a violent outburst, can be dealt with through communication.

We love our young people and we love our communities. From what some of our beneficiaries have told us, they would like to be part of building their communities. As community leaders, we owe it to them and ourselves to provide them with the necessary tools to become contributing members of society.