Mantas Iliuskaitis

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Mantas is our Social Media Coordinator who recently joined TC through the Kickstart Scheme. His role is to manage our media platforms and to connect with the world and our community through the internet. He hopes to reach as many people as possible to keep you updated and to keep our True Cadence family growing.

Favourite aspect of your job: I enjoy running social media because it allows you to talk to new people and constantly be creative- with new challenges every day. It’s also a great way to make new friends and keep in touch with old ones!

Favourite hobby: Watching films or writing poetry

First concert you ever went to: Dua Lipa. But my favourite was Charli XCX

Go-to karaoke song: Stay by Shakespears Sister

Your hidden talent: I can walk on my knees with my legs crossed!

What music are you currently listening to?: I’m enjoying Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers right now. More singer-songwriter type songs I guess!

One destination you want to visit: Anywhere in Norway. I’ve always been fascinated by the country.