Does your child/ward have a love for music and a creative flair? Unlock their creativity and musical potential with True Cadence “We Create” programme, a songwriting and sound recording programme designed for children aged 8 to 15. Years old Led by professional singer-songwriters, We Create offers the young learners the opportunity to control the creative process, select instrumentals, and create their own lyrics and melodies. Our mentors are on hands to guide them through the process of producing a fully recorded, mixed, mastered, and release-ready single or EP. 

With our “We Create” programme, your child/ward will gain confidence, develop teamworking skills through collaboration with other children, build technical skills in a fun and engaging way and most importantly, socialise and make new friends. 

Our facilitators are trained in NSPCC Safeguarding and possess enhanced DBS checks, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all. 

Enrol your child in “We Create” and give them the opportunity to express themselves through music in our free programme. Register your interest by clicking here to secure their place in the programme now. 


  • Interactive and engaging singing and songwriting lessons with experienced facilitators, 
  • Collaborative songwriting with other children to build teamwork, communication and socialisation skills, 
  • Chance to meet and make new friends who share their passion for music, 
  • Talent exposure through music promotion to showcase their skills, 
  •  Exciting music-themed games and activities to keep children engaged and entertained throughout the programme, 
  • Opportunities to perform in front of friends and family, boost confidence and live performance skills, 
  • Live performance opportunities at various music events, providing them with invaluable, real-life, live performance experience, 
  • End of programme celebration and certificate of completion from TC to mark their achievements and success. 


The programme is perfect for children who are: 

  • Enthusiastic about music and songwriting, 
  • Interested in making, writing, producing and releasing songs, 
  • Keen to meet new friends and collaborate with them through music and songwriting journey, 
  • Excited to participate in fun music games and activities, 
  • Able to commit to the entire programme, 
  • Aged 8 to 15 years old and residing with a parent, guardian, or family member who lives, works, or studies in Barking and Dagenham or the surrounding boroughs of East London 


At the end of the programme, the participants should be able to: 

  • Develop critical singing and songwriting skills, including melody, lyrics, and structure, 
  • Improved on their teamwork, communication, and socialisation skills among young musicians, 
  • Foster new friendships with peers who share a passion for music, 
  • Demonstrate their musical talents through music promotions to gain exposure, 
  • Build confidence and live performance skills through various opportunities including live performance experience in shows or at events. 
  • Less tendencies to engage in antisocial activities such as crimes and criminalities,  
  • Encourage a positive outlook on learning and personal growth to carry with them into the future. 


For Individuals 
Courtesy of our sponsors, the Coast 2 Coast Masterclass is delivered free to everyone within the age bracket. However, those not qualified for funded spaces can pay. Kindly contact us for further details. 

For Organisations 
For organisations with private learners, we offer flexible programmes that can be tailored to fit budgets without compromising on quality of programme contents. Kindly contact us to discuss your requirements and customise the programme contents to meet your specific needs. 


True Cadence was founded by a young person, for young people. Our team’s diverse backgrounds enable us to understand the unique challenges that young people face every day in the music industry. We co-design our programs with our learners, so we can create teachings and support that are relevant and tailored to their needs. We’re not just a group of people with an idea, we are lived-experience leaders and industry professionals who live and breathe music. 

As creatives, we are passionate about learning and finding new ways to support our young people in all aspects of their music careers. Our various facilitators are relatable, approachable, and provide in-depth industry knowledge and activities in an engaging, relatable, and impactful way for our learners. We are proud to support our local community and the young talent within it, as we come from the same community as our beneficiaries. 



Thank you for helping me gain more confidence through the We Create course. I have really enjoyed myself and making new friends”– Daizy, 8.

“Thank you for helping me discover that I know how to rap”- Navida, 8

“I felt really good writing my own song. At first I was pretty nervous but now I’m pretty calm”. – Divine, 10


“Great opportunity for children to make songs as well as learn how to sing and collaborate with their peers.”– Yuko 

“My child came out of every session so happy and if she ever struggled one of the tutors always took the time out to help her and make it, so she was confident and comfortable and not feeling left out.” – Lauren

“True Cadence is sensitive, knowledgeable, patient, wonderful and a creative experience for kids to develop their talents.” –  Mika.

“We Create is an amazing programme and seeing how the children went from a blank canvas to a beautiful song is an inspiration. True Cadence deserves all the recognition they get for their passion and dedication to developing young minds.” – Glory.

We Create Programme Trailer


Donating towards our programmes/activities will allow us to reach more young people and support them when they need it the most. Your support also means that we can provide additional learning, mentoring and employment opportunities so that our young people can continue their development outside of the funded activities.