Ready to turn your songwriting into a fully produced and released EP? It’s time to join the True Cadence “Coast 2 Coast Masterclass” (C2CM). Led by experienced songwriters and industry professionals, this collaborative programme takes you from simply crafting lyrics to having a fully recorded, mixed, mastered, and release-ready EP. 

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Through the “Coast 2 Coast Masterclass”, you’ll: 

— Learn new techniques and approaches to songwriting, while also developing your vocal and production skills, 

— Collaborate with other like-minded young artists to come up with your own unique melodies and release strategies, including, ultimately, an EP release party. 

By the end of our “C2CM”, you’ll have a polished EP and a wealth of knowledge and skills to add to your creative portfolio. Not only this, but you’ll gain confidence in your abilities and learn from the techniques used by other successful artists. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your music career to the next level. 

 Regardless of your genre, sound, or influences. rapper, vocalist, producer, or sound engineer, the Coast 2 Coast Masterclass has something for everyone. This year, we’re running this programme simultaneously in Tower Hamlets with the support of Sirlute, and in Barking and Dagenham.  When registering your interest, please complete the correct form depending on your location.   


“C2CM” offers the following: 

  • Platform to collaborate with fellow songwriters to enhance your songwriting skills, 
  • Opportunity to showcase your talent through music promotion and exposure to industry professionals, 
  • Peer reviews and group discussions to gain insights and advice from other aspiring musicians, 
  • Personalised, one-on-one support from experienced music industry professionals, 
  • Mentorship and guidance from a music industry professional throughout the programme, 
  • Networking with industry experts and to learn and build your network, 
  • Live performance opportunities at various venues to hone your skills, 
  • A chance to work on a music video that showcases the creativity in your teamwork 
  • An end-of-programme event and TC certificate of completion in recognition of your success. 


The general objective of the “C2CM” is to develop in the participants the skills required to compete and succeed in the music industry.  

The specific objectives include: 

  • To create a new generation of music entrepreneurs from within the local community who will become role models to other young people, 
  • To impart in the participants transferable life skills such as project management, time management and organisation skills, 
  • To enhance their teamwork, networking and negotiation capabilities, 
  • To boost their confidence and self-esteem to compete and succeed in the global music industry, 
  • To inculcate in them the “I Can Do It” spirit to be able to confront challenges with the right attitude and positive energy. 


  • You have passion for music and interest in pursuing a career in the music industry, as a songwriter, a recorder, or a producer, 
  • You are able to fully commit and engage, 
  • You are between the ages of 16 and 25 in your last birthday, 
  • You are living, working, or learning in Barking and Dagenham or the surrounding boroughs of East London. 


At the end of the programme, participants will be able to: 

  • Apply advanced songwriting techniques, including structuring, melody development, and lyric writing to produce high-quality music, 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of effective project management strategies and apply them to their music projects to enhance their productivity and efficiency, 
  • Plan, prepare, and deliver a professional EP and accompanying release party that showcase their musical skills and talents, 
  • Exude confidence in musical abilities and develop a unique personal style that reflects the learner’s creative vision, 
  • Create or develop an existing portfolio of creative work that showcases songwriting, vocal, and production skills to potential collaborators, clients, and future audiences, 
  • Foster a positive attitude towards learning, growth, and personal development that inspires participants to pursue their musical goals and aspirations, 
  • To demonstrate improved social skills and reduced likelihood of engaging in antisocial behaviour. 


For Individuals
Courtesy of our sponsors, the “C2CM” is delivered free to everyone within the age bracket. However, those not qualified for funded spaces can pay. Kindly contact us for further details. 

 For Organisations
For organisations with private learners, we offer flexible programmes that can be tailored to fit budgets without compromising on quality of programme contents. Kindly contact us to discuss your requirements and customise the programme contents to meet your specific needs. 


True Cadence was founded by a young person, for young people. Our team’s diverse backgrounds enable us to understand the unique challenges that young people face every day in the music industry. We co-design our programs with our learners, so we can create teachings and support that are relevant and tailored to their needs. We’re not just a group of people with an idea, we are lived-experience leaders and industry professionals who live and breathe music. 

As creatives, we are passionate about learning and finding new ways to support our young people in all aspects of their music careers. Our various facilitators are relatable, and approachable, and provide in-depth industry experience and activities in an engaging, relatable, and impactful way for our learners. We are proud to support our local community and the young talent within it, as we come from the same community as our beneficiaries. 


We’re running this programme in two boroughs simultaneously. Throughout 2023, we are working with music charity, Sirlute to deliver this programme in Tower Hamlets, and in Barking and Dagenham as well. Coast 2 Coast Masterclass is an in-person programme, and we expect all participants to attend weekly for the duration of the programme. To register your interest, complete the form based on the closest location to you. 



Donating towards our programmes/activities will allow us to reach more young people and support them when they need it the most. Your support also means that we can provide additional learning, mentoring and employment opportunities so that our young people can continue their development outside of the funded activities.